First Tomato!!!

By Rainy

My garden this year has been a little pathetic. Most blogs that I read currently tout their bountiful crops. It makes me feel slightly out of place declaring triumphantly about our first tomato after nearly everyone saying the same thing already a MONTH ago! First you have to understand that I only have a north facing porch on the second story of our apartment building. Second, I just got started in urban homesteading in late spring, so I had lots of flowers and ornamentals planted. And Third, I live in the Seattle area which has a notoriously late growing season. If I don’t plant early girl tomatoes I run a great risk of not getting any tomatoes until November.

This lonely tomato was the first flower to bud, the first little pea sized growth on the plant, and the first to gain its pinkish-red hue. I may have picked it a few days early because it was still a little yellow on the top and it was more sour then sweet. I can only wait so long.

My favorite thing to do with home grown tomatoes is to slice them up and put on top of a fresh salad for dinner. I save canning tomatoes for store bought ones that lack the flavor that your own tomatoes have.

We ate it and now it is gone. My husband reminds me there will be more to follow soon.


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