Peach Barbecue Sauce

By Rainy

When I saw the recipe for Peach Barbecue Sauce on the Simple Bites blog I was immediately inspired. The recipe posted by Marisa McClellan (who wrote the cookbook Food in Jars, is simple and flavorful. I use a lot of barbecue sauce for quick chicken dinners but most have a tomato or ketchup base. I love the idea of fruit as the main ingredient.

I first saw this recipe in mid July and it did take me a month and a half to finally get around to making it at the end of peach season. First, I had to track down some crushed Aleppo Pepper. I looked online to figure out what it is and where I can buy it since my normal grocery store doesn’t carry it. Aleppo pepper, also called Halaby pepper, is a Middle Eastern spice that is fairly mild. I was going to buy it off, but on a trip to the Pike Place Market I found some at Market Spice. I bought a lot, about 7 ounces worth. The lady at the register even mentioned how much she likes Aleppo Pepper. I am going to have to find some more recipes for all the extra spice.

Making the sauce wasn’t any more difficult than making fruit preserves. I found the most difficult and time consuming part was removing the skins off the peaches, even after blanching them. It is just time intensive and I am a fairly impatient cook. I had an extra pound of peaches then the recipe asks for so I just bumped up the ingredients a smidge.

The smell while making the sauce was just heavenly: mix of apple cider vinegar, peaches and spices. I am very pleased with the results and encourage everyone else to make their own Peach Barbecue Sauce , because I will be huddled over my own jars mumbling “My Precious”.

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