Honey Recipe Search

By Rainy

My coworker gave me a beautiful jar of wildflower honey from the bees he keeps on the property. He has been raising bees for several years and this is the first time he has given me a jar. I am super excited and have already tasted the honey. It’s very sweet and has a delicate texture.

Jar of Wildflower Honey

So now I am in a dilemma, I want to find a suitable project for this small delightful gift. The jar is only 18 ounces so I feel like I have to make it count. I am open to suggestions. What is your favorite recipe featuring honey? What foods do you think complement honey best? Do you have a favorite place to get fresh honey?


3 thoughts on “Honey Recipe Search

  1. It’s simple, but one of my favorite things to do with a good honey is mix it with plain yogurt and some fruit. Or just honey and fruit for a nice fruit salad.

  2. I agree with mgeorge3. I’ve just fallen in love with honey and my favorite treat is to cut up some fresh fruit, add some yogurt (or not), and sprinkle granola over top. To finish it off drizzle a little honey on top – delish!!

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