Strawberry Vodka Infusion

IMG_1932I have been itching to find an excuse to try my hand at infusing liquor for a while now but I haven’t yet because I am not much of a drinker. I simply like the look of infused liquor. I find the colors to be clear and beautiful. Fortunately for me, with the spring strawberry season in full effect, I have had fresh strawberries just waiting to be used for a simple project like this.

Last week, we ate dinner at my parent’s house and I bought my mom strawberries to made strawberry shortcake. She had forgotten her batch of strawberries at the store check stand earlier in the day and I felt like a white knight coming to the rescue after answering her sorrowful phone text message. Then my dad came home from work with even more strawberries; sympathetically responding to the same text message! My mom then proceeded to cut up an enthusiastic amount of strawberries that we obviously couldn’t finish in one sitting. I figured the leftover fruit would be perfect to infuse with vodka.

Most of the directions for infusing liquor with fruit are straight-forward requiring minimal effort. I found a few pages online that describe the basic method for infusing vodka with strawberries:  Tide and Thyme,  Real Momma, and Instructables. I conglomerated the instructions:

First, prepare the strawberries by rinsing in cool water. Remove the green tops and cut out any bruised sections. Next, cut up the strawberries into small pieces and place them inside a mason jar. IMG_1918Pour enough vodka into the mason jar to cover the strawberries completely, but not so much that it will cause the infusion to be dilute. If you prefer your liquor sweet or if you have sour berries you can add a tablespoon of sugar. Personally, I chose not to but I figure I can add sugar later when I make drinks if it is needed. Then, cover the jar with a lid and label the lid with the date so you can reference it later. IMG_1919Put the jar in a dark and cool place. I put my jar in the back of a closet behind some larger items. Some directions say to agitate the jar daily. I did not do this and found that it did not affect anything. Check on the jar in about a week. The liquid should be strawberry red!  IMG_1920Next, perform a taste test and look at the color of the strawberries. They end up a very pale pink. If they have not reached that stage let them sit for a few more days. Once you have decided the infusion is complete, strain out the berries. A colander works well to remove the big fruit pieces. While a coffee filter strains out the seeds and smaller particles efficiently. The liquid takes some time to go through the coffee filter but it worked really well removing fruit particles. I set up the coffee filter in a funnel that I then put in the top of a bottle that I can seal and put in my liquor cupboard. IMG_1931Once you do that your strawberry vodka infusion is complete and ready to be enjoyed. It smells wonderfully like fresh strawberries and tastes like vodka with a hint of strawberry flavor.


4 thoughts on “Strawberry Vodka Infusion

  1. Cool! I’ve heard of infused liquor but I didn’t know what it was. It seems like a pretty simple process. It was a good use of the left-over strawberries! I might have added sugar to the berries after I cut them up – I’m not sure.

  2. You are on the right track to making herbal infusions, for medicinal properties! Aside from the medicinal I have another application for this project… instead of strawberries, use Vanilla beans. Slice the vanilla beans length wise (to open the bean) slice in small pieces (you want as much surface area as possible). 4 beans placed into a half pint jar, cover with alcohol (I’ll be trying brandy next, I currently use Galens) seal, and set in a dark area, shake once a day. You have to wait a bit…. 3-6 months depending on preference. But voila, vanilla extract!

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