Summer Sautéed Squash

I grew up thinking squash was icky. It came frozen in a box. Then it was heated up in a Coring Ware dish in the microwave, and when served resembled bland baby food. It was not until I grew yellow summer squash in my home garden that I discovered the delectability of fresh squash. I quickly devised an easy sautéing recipe to ingurgitate my garden bounty.

I began with olive oil, garlic powder and rosemary as the squash’s cooking mates. I would cut the squash into large coins because they look great when you serve them. There was lot of frustration when the squash would cook at different speeds depending on the thickness of each squash coin. This summer while cooking some patty pan squash; I valued efficiency over beauty. I found that smaller cuts of squash will cook faster and burn less.

I believe I have come to an understanding with this recipe. Virtually any variety of summer squash prepares well with method:  yellow summer, zucchini, yellow crookneck or even patty pan squash. I think the garlic really makes the squash appetizing. Garlic is fragrant and brings the whole dish together. I have added a variety of herbs to season my squash. I like adding leafy herbs but a kick of spice like paprika or chili pepper is great too. Each time I add something different. I have never gone wrong.


Sautéed Summer Squash

1 Medium Yellow Summer Squash

1 Medium Zucchini

Olive oil (or vegetable oil)

2-5 cloves garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

Herbs to taste (thyme, rosemary, marjoram, basil, paprika, etc.)

First remove the stem and end of the squashes. Then cut the squash into coins and then cut each coin in halves or quarters.



Heat just enough oil that it covers the surface of the frying pan. Keep the heat near medium to low. Crush or chop the garlic and add to the warming oil.


Next add all of the chopped squash. Monitor the cooking of the squash and stir frequently to avoid burning. You may adjust the temperature as needed if the oil is popping.


When the squash is starting to soften, add salt, pepper, and the desired herbs.  If it is fragrant and smells good you are on the right track.


Once the majority of the squash is soft remove it from the heat. The squash turns a bit slimy if you cook it too long. Also, it gets cold fast, so serve your squash immediately.


I never fail to impress my husband with this dish. Every time I serve it he says “I hate squash, but this is so delicious! It’s the best squash I have ever eaten.”


6 thoughts on “Summer Sautéed Squash

  1. That’s a great testament when your husband says he hates squash but says yours is the best squash he’s ever eaten! That sounds like a good trick to cut the squash into small pieces so that they cook quickly and evenly. Trying different herbs and garlic sounds good. What is patty pan squash?

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