Scrub the Tub

I am now a stay at home mom and have taken up the majority of the cleaning around the apartment. With 2 adults, 1 baby, 3 dogs, and 1 turtle our place can sometimes feel small. Things tend to get dirty quickly and I have to do the same few cleaning chores repeatedly. The bright side is that at least there is less square footage to have to clean.

Our least favorite chore around the apartment is cleaning the bathtub. It is not a pleasant task and it is difficult to get anyone to volunteer. Cleaning the tub includes bending and reaching in awkward positions. You either don’t scrub as thoroughly or soak yourself in cleaning product. I wanted to try something more eco and family friendly than commercial products I normally use for the weekly scrubbing around the bathroom.

I am trying out a cheap alternative that is also family safe: baking soda. I have been utilizing the wisdom of Making It for some of the daily cleaning that I do. This was one of their suggestions that seemed easy to implement.


This was an easy project that I did while the baby was napping for five minutes. Turn a canning jar into a soda shaker by nailing some holes in the lid with a small nail. This is easy and uses supplies I already had around. Be careful not to get too enthusiastic and punch too many holes. Otherwise all the baking soda will come out at once.


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