Do it Yourself from Scratch is our attempt to try out household projects that most take for granted.  Who knows cheese is made? or how beer is brewed?  In our world-wide consumer system, not many people are connected with their food and household items.

Our unique situation is that we have limited household space; apartment living. And we live in the Pacific Northwest; little sun and lots of rain. Our attempts at urban homesteading is for the passion of creating things that we use and appreciate on a daily basis. Some of these projects we may only try once and say “I tried that”. Others will become integral parts of our household routines.

We encourage visitors to be inspired on the simplicity of creating things on your own.


Rainy‘s favorite kitchen utensil is the loaf pan and current must-do project is making home made vinegar.

Mgeorge3 has been cooking and baking since she was very young and is addicted to trying new recipes. She claims the addiction is not a problem.

Boonswaggle is Rainy’s fearless editor and sings “I drink beer” to the LMFAO Sexy and I Know it theme.

cake porn

8 thoughts on “About

    1. Was looking at your oatmeal cookie recipe and trying to see what other reviewers said. I clicked on reviews and it said thanks for your review (3 stars) which I DIDNT DO so if u can remove it, plz do so because it’s not fair to you. I would probably give it 4 or 5 once I make the cookies. Looks like a good recipe.

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