That’s a Crock of Butter

By Rainy

IMG_1854I have been working on a few projects this winter in between sleeping and reading lots of books. A few weeks ago I made a batch of homemade butter using Mgeorge3’s directions. It turned out really well. I used half to make miso butter and put the remainder in my new butter crock I bought online. It was crafted and hand painted in Poland. I half bought it for how pretty it is and half because I needed a functional crock.

I had never heard of a butter cock before but the concept is simple. Butter Bell has a very good page about how to use a butter crock. The crock keeps the butter at a cooler temperature and seals it away from airborne bacteria. Care for the butter is easy and you just have to remember to change the water every 2 to 3 days. The design is derived from a time before refrigerators were possible.

The butter is immersed upside-down in water. The water keeps the butter cool, while also keeping bacteria away by removing the air around the butter. Butter is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water, so it can re-emerge without mixing with the water. This wouldn’t work with many other essential kitchen ingredients.


My butter crock seems to work well. The next time I make my own butter I am going to put more effort into removing the whey. The butter only lasted two weeks most likely because I was rushed in the pressing step. If done properly the butter should last four weeks in the butter crock. Although, in my kitchen butter is quickly used up in less than a week so I have never had spoiling butter left out on the kitchen counter.



4 thoughts on “That’s a Crock of Butter

    1. I was looking at some plain colored ones and then did a bit more internet searching and was able to find the hand painted one. They also have other stoneware dishes with the same style that are tempting.

      1. There is a cooking supply store here that carries Polish stoneware…I have to run past it every time we are there, otherwise I would blow my entire budget just on that! I never noticed a butter crock in their display though. Happy butter making and eating! 🙂

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